Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Hiroki
Kikuta. I am a computer game creator living in Tokyo,
Japan. I have been working in the gaming business for
about ten years now. I was employed by the renowned
company SQUARE from 1991 until 1998. During this time
I was involved in the creation of many popular Role
Playing Game titles, such as "Secret of Mana" for the SNES. 
After this time, I organized a new game design studio,
SACNOTH, with an investment from another well-known
company, SNK. I took the position of CEO, and produced
a new project called "KOUDELKA".
"KOUDELKA" is an RPG for the SONY PLAYSTATION with a
heavy focus on CG movies and stories. It is a horror
RPG, set in the 1800's at the cursed Nemeton Convent
in Wales. I wrote the scenario, designed the
historical background, and directed all of the
high-polygon CG movies and events. Each of the
characters in the story speak with their own voice.
Also, motion-capture technologies were used to
digitally reproduce the performance of the actors.
"KOUDELKA" was released on December 16, 1999 in Japan
and during the summer of 2000 in North America.
Unfortunately, the economic condition of SNK was
worsened by depression and I was not able to operate
my company any longer. So, I have retired my position,
and I am now searching for a new investor or a new
project which I can join.
Hiroki Kikuta
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EDUCATION University of Kansai (OSAKA) philosophy
EXPERIENCE 1991-1998 SQUARE inc. (JAPAN) manager "Romancing-Saga" "Seiken-Densetu2"(Secret of Mana) "Seiken-Densetu3" "Soukaigi" 1998-1999 SACNOTH co.,ltd (JAPAN) CEO "Koudelka"
SKILL Producer/Director/Scenario Writer of Computer Game Producer/Director/Designer of Computer Graphic Producer/Director/Editor of Computer Graphic Movie (also Story Board and Layout) Producer/Director of Motion Capture Producer/Director of Comic Producer/Director/Composer/Arranger of Music (also Soundtrack of Game and Animation) Designer of Website (Now You are looking)
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