Spank Happy: a discography

[ Updated: Sep 3, 1998 ]

  1. Young Gifted and Five
    Young Gifted and Five not available
    Omnibus compilation album of 5 female vocalist. It contains 2 songs of Spanks. "Hello (Ohayo)" is deferent take from "My Name Is" Toshiba EMI TOCT-8534, Sep 7, 1994. "Out With Her" is specially interpreted and arranged by Kikuchi from Harry Nilsson's original tune.

  2. Weeping Girl, running (Hashiri naku otome)
    Debut Single is 12cm. This light pop tune was used as the ending theme of "HIP" TV Asahi. The Forest what they means is like that by Herbert Libermann.

  3. My Name Is
    My Name Is
    Mini album. The collection of ill willness and songs of sunset.

  4. I'm a Instrument (Boku wa gakki)
    The most nostalgic tune of them. This tune is one of their best tunes. Listen to Akira Sotoyama's drms and perc, and Tsuneo Imahori's circulating gtr!

  5. Flying Bride (Sora tobu hanayome)
    The idiosyncrasy pop tune.

  6. Freak Smile
    >Freak Smile
    This One and only full album is item of "BUY OR DIE". If you've not found it, I'd say "SEARCH FOR YOUR LIFE!". Japanese current best musicians support them. Say no words and listen to, especially Masahiro Uemura's drms tr-1, Altered States with Yoshihide Otomo tr-9 (also Kikuchi's blow), Midori Hara's voices tr-4, tr-12.

  7. Chocolate Folk Song
    Chocolate Folk Song
    Title tune was used as commercial theme of Lotte "lol". Is this a really Spank Happy?

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Created: Apr 21, 1996