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Delius on MIDI: Chamber and Instrumental

[ Updated: May 11, 1997 ]

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If you can't look at icon of MIDI plug-in, You can't hear these MIDI files. Sorry.

Author's note:
The files were prepared using a "regular" sound card and that playing them on "wavetable" cards will produce unknown results!

Bill Thompson's MIDI Files
  1. Zum Carnival (15K) This piano polka was written in Florida (1884 - 1885), first published work (1892), dedicated William Jahn Jr. The head of polka theme already curves chromatic. :-) Listen to 13 - 15 bars chord progression, you can see who wrote this. ;-)

  2. Badinage (11K) This piano piece was written in 1880's or first of 1890's. Unpublidhed and no record of first performance. It should be a very hard work to write down to file.

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Created: May 11, 1997