Frederick Delius.
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Delius on MIDI: Songs and Vocal, Choral, Stage

[ Updated: Aug 24, 1997 ]

Bill Thompson's Home Page Delius, Grainger, Liadov, Badfinger, and himself. :-)

If you can't look at icon of MIDI plug-in, You can't hear these MIDI files. Sorry.

Author's note:
The files were prepared using a "regular" sound card and that playing them on "wavetable" cards will produce unknown results!

Bill Thompson's MIDI Files
  1. Sakuntala (31K) This was an early work (1889) for tenor and orchestra, setting a text by Holger Drachmann. The poem was based on a Sanskrit work "Sakuntala: The Fatal Ring - An Indian Drama in Seven Acts." No other recording is currently available.

  2. Closing Scene from KOANGA (23K) Have you heard Sir Thomas' Old CBS recording? If you have, listen to the midi file to recall it. If you not listen to it to memorize it. :-)

  3. On Craig Dhu (Mountain Silence) (6K)

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Created: May 11, 1997