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Class Hierarchy and instance variable names of VisualWorks

I don't know I can put the results on the web page. So please evaluate below under your VisualWorks environment. This code can run VW2.5.2 and VWNC3.0a.

	| filestream root fileName |

	root := Smalltalk at: #Object ifAbsent: [^self error: 'nothing'].
	"change filename under your VW version."
	fileName := 'VWNC30Classes.txt'.
	filestream := (fileName asFilename withEncoding: #default) writeStream.
	[Cursor wait 
			[Smalltalk timeStamp: filestream.
			filestream cr.
			filestream tab; 
			nextPutAll: 'Answer a description containing the names and instance variable names of all of the subclasses of ''', root printString, '''.'.
			filestream nextPutAll: root printHierarchy]]
		valueNowOrOnUnwindDo: [filestream close].

Created: Apr 1, 1999,
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