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VisualWorks: The Tortures never Stop on Windoze

Trouble of VisualWorks Non-Commercial 3.0a on Windows95.
  1. The Horror of the current working directory

The Horror of the current working directory

See also VisualWorks Setting Page by Prof. Masuda.

Sometime I feel so low ... (C) Japan.
Starting VWNC 3.0a by drag & drop the image onto shortcut of the VWNC 3.0a has funny results sometimes.

There are No time-stamp changing of image and changes, because of the current workind directory is correct (it points the font directry. sigh). Mac user should say "SAY NO MORE!"

In addition, more unpleasantly, It is not always to work no good. Sometime it gets the correct directory.
Hey hey, What can I do? (C) Led Zeppelin.

But, Wacht auf, ruft uns die Stimme! there is a delphic oracle.

Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit.

Picture yourself as this,

  1. install directory: c:\smalltalk
  2. working directory: c:\usr\vwnc30

sample of bat;

echo off
c:\smalltalk\vwnc30\bin\win\visualnc.exe c:\usr\vwnc30\visualnc.im

sample of the setting of properties of the shortcut;

  1. link: c:\smalltalk\vwnc30\bin\win\visualnc.exe c:\usr\vwnc30\visualnc.im
    (same as the command line of the bat abobe)
  2. working folder: c:\usr\vwnc30\/

Do NOT drag & drop the image onto shortcut. Do double click the shortcut itself.

Created: Aug 23, 1999,
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