Frederick Delius.
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Delius on MIDI: Manusucript or unrecorded

[ Updated: May 19, 1997 ]

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Author's note:
The files were prepared using a "regular" sound card and that playing them on "wavetable" cards will produce unknown results!

Bill Thompson's MIDI Files
  1. A Poem of Life and Love (72K) sketched 1918, but uncompleted (also unpublished) Orchestral Piece. Its materials are re-used in "Song of Summer" (1929 - 1930). This midi file is a two-piano arrangement by Balfour Gardiner as completed by Eric Fenby.
    Here is a final version (Monday, May 19, 1997).

  2. Themes from HIAWATHA (22K) Delius' first orchestral work (1888). This work is unpublished and parts of it are now missing. Bill Thompson has compiled and arranged several themes from HIAWATHA to give an idea of what it might sound like.

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Created: May 11, 1997