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VisualWorks: In Praise of Learning

The Good Source code is the Best for Learning.
  1. VisualWorks general
  2. VisualWorks 2.5.2
  3. VisualWorks Non-Commercial 3.0a

VisualWorks general

(general means "VisualWorks 2.5.2 and VisualWorks Non-Commercial 3.0a")
  1. Default Font
  2. monochrome scroll-bar
  3. Pretty Vacant File List

Default Font

Change small font from settings, or try it,

  1. The Secret Incantation of Initialize Font
  2. It's Manual

monochrome scroll-bar

Try it, made by Mr. Abe.

  1. The Secret Incantation of ODC-UILooks-Mac10b you should decode Base64 before installing.

Pretty Vacant File List

Ja, ja, the default pattern is none. So evaluate below.

    FileBrowser defaultPattern: '*'.

You can set the pattern as you like to the argument.

Read about common settings or so from System Workspace or Installation Workspace (2.5.2 only).

    ComposedTextView openSystemWorkspace.
    ComposedTextView openInstallationWorkspace. "2.5.2 only"

VisualWorks 2.5.2

  1. Diving-Inspector
  2. Difference of Visual Launcher from VisualWorks Non-Commercial 3.0a


The Inspector of VisualWorks Non-Commercial 3.0a can open class browser from yellow button hierarchy menu. It is so cool. Also Squeak can do it. But VisualWorks 2.5.2 doesn't... So here are nice "Diving Inspector." It may be official patch, because it is shown at Help -> about. Jump to the next official support page, and follow.

Following this order, you could find.

  1. ObjectShare Support
  2. VisualWorks 2.x Product Support
  3. ObjectSupport Online Services (VisualWorks 2.5.2d Upgrade)

If you want a System Browser instead of a Hierarchy Browser, implement it. Or try VW252 Diving Inspector Enhancements.

Difference of Visual Launcher from VisualWorks Non-Commercial 3.0a

    Set VisualWorks Home (3.0a only)
    Resources (visibled after loading UIPainter, UIMenuEditor at 3.0a)
    All Parcels (3.0a only)
    Refs to Global... (3.0a only)
    Inspect... (3.0a only)
    items for Canvas (visibled after loading UIPainter, UIMenuEditor at 3.0a)
    File Out Changes... (2.5.2 only)
    Empty Changes... (2.5.2 only)
    Changed Methods (2.5.2 only)
    Inspect ChangeSet (2.5.2 only)
    Open Change Set (3.0a only)
    Condense Changes (3.0a only)
    items for Project (visibled after loading  Project(s) at 3.0a)
    New Launcher (3.0a only)
    Object Reference (3.0a only)

Well, I've re-constructed some of 3.0a featured only to 2.5.2.

VisualWorks Non-Commercial 3.0a

  1. Require Extention, Use Parcel
  2. Old Fashioned Project
  3. How can I make GUI!?

Require Extention, Use Parcel

If you want to do something but can't use tool for, check Parcels. The Concept of VW 3.0 seems to be Compacting obesity image and providing the functions use parcels.

Old Fashioned Project

VisualWorks Non-Commercial 3.0a doesn't support Project. If you want to use Project, fetch the parcel Restoring VisualWorks 2.5 Projects in VisualWorks 3.0.

You get Project.pcl, Project.pst from there. But when you'll load them, you'll be claimed that "No Projects.pst file". Yes, NO Projects.* file BUT Project.*. Incorrigible! Rename them Project.* -> Projects.* and load them. If you are worry about, load them with renaming (Projects), rename Project from Parcel Browser and save, unload Projects, load Project and save image. Pfui!

How can I make GUI!?

You can't use GUI tool by plain core setup. Load UIPainter, UIMenuEditor from menu "Tools -> Load Parcel Named... "

Created: Apr, 1999,
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