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[ Updated: June 3, 2001 ]

Spank Happy: Live Information

Thursday, September 10, 1998, live act at On Air West, Shibuya
(BUT!!! This Live is to be blowed away by hospitalization of Kikuchi!)

ex Spanks: Live Information (noticed)

Hara Midori /*come: Tuesday, June 5, 2001, live act at Mandala Minami Aoyama.

Spank Happy: a discography

Spank Happy: a personel

I have no experience their live act, but here are Spank Happy.

Original Spank Happy are:

Spank Happy is a very very funny pop unit. Their music is beautiful as an Slapp Happy, terrible as other Slapp Happy. And it is the touchstone of your musical taste. They make mixture sound of Hi-note vocals, some avant-garde but nostalgic music and death, love, farewell, regret, ill willness, double meaning (double agent), twisted, dazed, confused, etc., etc.

"The name of "Spank Happy" is a paraphrase of "Slapp Happy", of course.", Mr. Kikuchi said. "We have permission of using this name from Dagmar Krause, at Jun 1997 in Italy at the time of tour of Ground-Zero."

Shin Kono makes the stable world, and voices of Midori Hara, saxes of Naruyoshi Kikuchi are flying around.

Naruyoshi Kikuchi was a member of Tipographica, breakuped Jul 28, 1997.

Later 1997, Shin Kono falled out, and then there are two.

In the end of 1997, Ms. HARA Midori had visited this site, continued from Mr. Kikuchi. And said "nice", "Come to our Live (Jan 28, 1998)". It is very very regrettable to be not able to watch this live act.

Oct 11th 1998, Midori Hara falled out, ... really!!!??? Have Spank happy split up!!!???

Mr. Kikuchi said.

In this year (1998), I'll make up the homepage of "Spank Happy".

Spank Happy Live Information
  • Wednesday, April 29, 1998, live act at Minami-Aoyama MANDALA.
  • Thursday, September 10, 1998, live act at On Air West, Shibuya.
Original Spank Happy
Spank Happy
Shin Kono, Midori Hara, Naruyoshi Kikuchi (left to right)

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