Dagmar Krause

Marie (L), Dagmar (R)
Dagmar Krause & Marie Goyette
A Scientific Dream and French Kiss,

Resurgence, RES-139-CD, 1998.
Small Talk about Erato beautiful as the moon,
terrible as an army with banners.

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Updated: August 27, 2001


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  1. "Slapp Happy Live in Japan"

    F. M. N. Sound Factory

  2. "The Work Resumed on the Tower", analogue

    Recently my analogue player has returned!

  3. Commuters is available!


  4. Commuters is available?

    listed at Sample Catalog...

  5. The Only Choice Returns!
    • Anthony Mo(o)re The Only Choice, Blueprint (Voiceprint), BP311CD, Voiceprint Japan VPJ144, Jun 25, 2000

    "Industrial Drums" is Workhouse Mix!

  6. Camera
    • Dagmar Krause, Anthony Moore, Peter Blegvad Camera, Blueprint (Voiceprint), BP332CD, May 15, 2000., Voiceprint Japan VPJ142, Apr 25, 2000

    previously unreleased material.

  7. Slapp Happy Live in Japan, its a wonderful night
    • May 27, 2000, Star Pine's Cafe (Kichijoji)

  8. Henry Cow In Praise of Learning, Original Mix (thanx to philT)

    Original Analog Mix.

  9. Slapp Happy Live in Japan (thanx to philT)
    • May 13/14/16/17 & 26/27/78 - Tokyo, Star Pine's Cafe (Kichijoji)
    • May 19 - Sapporo, Bessy Hall (Sapporo)
    • May 20 - Kyoto, Kyoto Univ. Seibu-Kodo

    Information: Eyewill: tel/fax +81-3-5485-6490. Japanese Information.

  10. Sort Of; re-issued from Voiceprint!!!
    • Slapp Happy Sort of, Blueprint (Voiceprint), BP318CD, 1999.,

    It has a 1 bonus track: Jumping Jonah!

    check it

  11. Slapp Happy live in Japan, 2000!

    Slappies will come at May 2000!

    • Kyoto, Tokyo, and more!?

    Now, I don't have any information more!

  12. Camera On Air in Japan!

    In this November 11th and 26th, you will be able to see Dagmar moving in your TV! From VaioNet by Digital Media Entertainment Corporation, through SKY PerfecTV. The modified (by me) copy of thier press release by Digital Media Entertainment Corporation.

  13. Sort Of and Camera will be re-issued from Voiceprint!!!???

    Thor told me that Voiceprint have the rights to release Sort Of by Slapp Happy (which they ARE doing!!!) along with Jumpin' Jonah, the B-side to Just A Conversation!!! Also, they will be releasing for the 1st time CAMERA ...

  14. Supply and Demand re-issued from Voiceprint Japan

    In Japan, this the second release. ;-P

    The note in this re-issue is written by me. ;-)

  15. A Scientific Dream and French Kiss released from Voiceprint Japan

    Has anybody seen this japanese edition?

  16. Supply and Demand re-issued from Voiceprint

    check out Voiceprint site.

    Japanese Edition? It'll be coming soon...

  17. Record Collecters' Magazine Featuring Slapp Happy & Dagmar Krause

    1. Dagmar Krause interview: Record Collecters' Magazine, Jan 1999 issue, Vol.18, No.1., pp.68-71, Music Magazine Corp., Tokyo, 1998.
    2. Slapp Happy: Record Collecters' Magazine, Nov 1998 issue, Vol.17, No.11., pp.57-77, 121-123, Music Magazine Corp., Tokyo, 1998., with

  18. Japanese release Ça va (Ca va) has ONE Bonus Track!

    see Ça va (Ca va)

  19. Herr Michael Laukeninks (producer of The City Preachers and I. D. Company) a short memoirs of THE CITY PREACHERS

    Herr Michael Laukeninks It was a great time - 1965 / 1971. Dagmar Krause was the youngest and best Jazz-Singer in Hamburg. That was the reason I asked her to come to our group - THE CITY PREACHERS. Her father built big church-organs at that time. He allowed her to work constantly in our group. Dagmar's voice was wonderful - as solo-singer as well as in group-singing. For years we were best friends, not even in the group but also private - until the group split up. The main reason of the end of the group was, that we couldn't start our half year tournee (contracts where already signd!) to Japan, because one member of the group (Udo Lindenberg - still very (!) popular in Germany) was to much affraid to go by plane. That was the (financial) end!

  20. Dagmar Krause, Marie Goyette Duo Concerts in Japan 1998, Kyoto

    This is the happiest time.

  21. Dagmar Krause & Marie Goyette: New Album!!!

    • Dagmar Krause & Marie Goyette a scientific dream and a french kiss, , Resurgence, RES-139-CD, 1998
    for more information check out http://www.voiceprint.co.uk/. In this Japan tour, Dagmar & Marie feature songs from this new album. I looked at a very sweet stage at Kyoto.

  22. Mr. Michael D'Anna talks about Ca va
    Beyond expectations. Best release of 98 if not the decade. It very much gives me hope and confidence that this form of musicianship still exsists and still will continue. A major follower from some time past. Stay as a soul,team. It shows in your progress. ( In other words your music sends shivers up my heart & soul) for what it"s worth.

    And... update her a discography about "panzerschlacht DieLieder von Hanns Eisler"
    Thanks Mr. TANAKA Ryo.

  23. Dagmar Krause, Marie Goyette Duo Concerts in Japan 1998

    Opening Act to be decided to "Kangaroo Note", Dagmar Krause, Marie Goyette Duo Concerts in Japan 1998, Sapporo

  24. Dagmar Krause, Marie Goyette Duo Concerts in Japan 1998

    Dagmar Krause, Marie Goyette Duo Concerts in Japan 1998, Tokyo, Sapporo, Kyoto, Kobe

    Dagmar Krause, Marie Goyette Duo Concerts in Japan 1998

  25. Blegvad, Cutler, Greaves Live in Japan

    Blegvad, Cutler, Greaves Live in Japan (in Japanese)

  26. Slapp Happy's New Album #5

    I've got it!

  27. Slapp Happy's New Album #4

    Mr. Thor "Acnalbasac Noom" Maillet e-mails me. (send Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Tue, 31 Mar 1998)

    i GOT THE NEW SLAPP HAPPY!!!!! (yes yes a month before official release) It is WONDERFUL....Dagmar sounds subdued but beautiful, and the songs are so worth the wait.........

    just sharing the excitement....it's SO good!

    Check his page. Dagmar Krause: The Voice of the Armageddon

  28. Slapp Happy's New Album #3

    Mr. Thor "Acnalbasac Noom" Maillet e-mails me.

    I have incredible news!! The new Slapp Happy album is titled "Ca Va" and will be released on APRIL 27th on Banana/V2 Records. The track listing is:

    1. Scarred For Life
    2. Moon Lovers
    3. Child Then
    4. Is It You?
    5. King Of Straw
    6. Powerful Stuff
    7. A Different Lie
    8. Coralie
    9. Silent The Voice
    10. Working At The Ministry
    11. The Unborn Byron
    12. Let's Travel Light

    GREAT!!!!! It will be available in Japan, at the first of May or so.

  29. Slapp Happy's New Album #2

    Mr. Thor "Acnalbasac Noom" Maillet e-mails me.

    just got a mail from chris cutler...the album won't be out until may :-(

    but at least it's coming out :-)

    Here is the long tall weeping wall.

  30. Slapp Happy's New Album

    It will be very intimate, friendly, full of secrets "Night Songs" album. And I'd say Buy or Die.

  31. Mr. Thor "Acnalbasac Noom" Maillet brings brilliant news

    the great news from Trond Einar (and Dagmar herself!)...the Slapp Happy CD is due out in March of 1998!
    Also...Tim Hodgkinson may be recording his piece with Dagmar, "Stop Mortal", soon so I will be on the lookout as to a release date for that.
    check it out!

  32. Slapp Happy are coming out with a new CD early in 1998

  33. Mr. KOYAMA talks about The City Preachers Back to the City, 1971.

    "File beyond Popular" Record Collecters' Magazine, May 1997 issue, Vol.16, No.5., pp.128, Music Magazine Corp., Tokyo, 1997.

  34. Apr 16, 1997, I was received e-mail from Herr Michael Laukeninks.

    Do you remember his name? He is a producer of I.D. Company I.D. Company, 1970, and The City Preachers Back to the City, 1971. (in Inner at right side is Herr Laukeninks) !!! Now Herr Laukeninks is the editor and producer of music programm in a very big public radiostation.

    I sent reply-mail but couldn't reach him. AOL said this is in wrong language. It is the first experience for me. I'd sent several e-mails to foreigners, there is (may be) no mail can't reach... So I write down here.

    1. Hello!!
      Ah! The City Preachers' "Back to the city"'s "Michael is ihr Produzent" ????? :-)
      I'm sorry that I don't know (e-)mail adress of her. Mr. Chris Cutler says "she doesn't have an @".

    2. Hello Herr Laukeninks
      I've just visited your site.
      In http://members.aol.com/mrlauke/2nd.htm 's photo, I have a confidence "Michael is ihr Produzent". :-)
      The City Preachers' "Back to the city" must be nice soft rock album and "I.D. Company" origin of psychedelic.

  35. MUSICA VERTICALE, Oct 30, 1996.

  36. VON KOPF BIS FUSS: Friedrich Hollaender zum 100. Geburtstag, Oct 19, 1996.

  37. Dirk Raulf project "ILLUSIONS or the laughter of loneliness" (RFA/GB), May 22 - 24, 27, 1996.

    Music and Show by Dirk Raulf, after Frederic Hollander.

    Avec Dagmar Krause, voc - Jrg Ritzenhof, voc & p - Horst Grabosch, tp, bugle, euph. - Mandfred Becker, acc, p - Andreas Willers, g, banjo - Franck Schulte, elctr, Dieter Manderscheid, b - Steve Arguelles, dr - Ramesh Shotham, perc - Dirk Raulf, anches, arrangements - Uli Sigg, scenography - Reinhard Kobialka, sound.

    May, 22nd to 24th - Stadtgarten, Cologne (RFA), Rheinisches Musikfestival. - May, 27th - Moers International Festival 14h30 & Bielefeld 8:00 pm

  38. Mr. Mark Ellingham brings THE GREAT News:

    Rough Guide launched outrock book (Rough Guide to Rock) last week with a party at which Peter Blegvad played a very nice set. He included a coupe of Slapp Happy songs - Small Hands of Stone and The Secret - which was a thrill.

    I had quite a chat with Peter. He also had some interesting news about Slapp Happy. They're reforming for a new album on Richard Branson's new label, V2: like a return to roots as they were one of the first Virgin bands. They haven't written songs yet, but peter said everyone's into the project.

    Dagmar has been working with some German musicians recently. Anthony Moore has become Professor of Music and Noise at Cologne Unioversity, and does a lot of production and some songwriting for people like Pink Floyd (he worked on the new album by Rick Wright). Peter has been working as a cartoonist (he does a weekly strip for The Independent on Sunday newspaper here) and is about to set off on tour with John Greaves and Chris Cutler. He's also working on a new album.

    Peter's a nice man. And very, very tall!

  39. Great Mr. MUH saids ...
    1. May 27, 1996, Dirk Raulf "Illusions" Hommage an Friedrich Hollaender atInternationales New Jazz Festival Moers 1996. see Supplement - 27 Mei 1996 - Concertfile or CD-Extra sheet Dirk Raulf Orchestra Friedrich Hollaender or The Laughter Of Loneliness
    2. Jul 21, 1995, Dagmar Krause / Tim Hodgkinson Project "Stop Mortal" at Konfrontationen 1995, Nickelsdorf.,
      Jul 27, 1995, at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London,
    Whole audience welcomed Dagmar with standing ovation, when she had just appeared for the project of Dirk Raulf at Moers Festival. Her greatness in Europa may be greater than thinking in Japan... Her performance was featuring Brecht Songs.
Stop Mortal front


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